Monday, 22 March 2010

Prepub alert

Here is a list of popular fiction novels scheduled for release
in the next few months. Enjoy!

Brown, Dale. Executive Intent, May 2010
Deaver, Jeffery. The Burning, June 2010
Evanovich, Janet. Sizzlling Sixteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel, June 2010
Isaacs, Susan. As Husbands Go, July 2010
Johansen, Iris & Roy. Shadow Zone, July 2010
Kellerman, Faye. Hangman. August 2010
Lowell, Elizabeth. Death Echo, June 2010
Margolin, Phillip. Supreme Justice, June 2010
Martini, Steve. The Rule of Nine: A Pail Madriani Novel, June 2010
McCall Smith, Alexander. Corduroy Mansions, July 2010
McEwan, Ian. Solar, March 2010
Patterson, James & Maxine Paetro. Private, June 2010

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