Friday, 5 June 2009

What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell

In this noir coming of age thriller, 15 year-old Evie Spooner quickly grows up, falls in love and realizes her parents, Bev and Joe, are not perfect parents.

In 1947, Joe Spooner unexpectedly returns from WWW ll bringing home more than just war stories. He takes Bev and Evie on an impulsive vacation to a swanky, glittery Palm Beach resort. Pretending to be a man of wealth and influence, Joe strikes of a questionable friendship with the mysterious Graysons. Add to the mix, smooth talking Peter, a handsome old war buddy looking for paybacks from Joe. Coincidentally, Peter is staying at the same hotel as Joe?

On a fast track going nowhere, Evie falls for Peter big time, but he is more interested in Evie's mother, a Lana Turner wanna be looking for a good time. Using Evie as a decoy, Peter and Bev are just a little too friendly, while Joe is buying into shady business deals.

When Joe, Bev and Peter go boating, a tropical storm hits and only two return.

Evie must choose between love and betrayal. In an electric courtroom drama, Evie makes her stand.


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