Friday, 22 May 2009

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

If an entire nation could seek freedom, why not a girl?
If you think walking the dog or folding the laundry is bad, try trading places with Isabel, a 13-year old slave in Manhattan during the American Revolution. Every morning before dawn, Isabel has already hauled water, stoked the fire and emptied chamber pots.

In 1775, Isabel and her younger sister, Ruth, are sold to the Locktons, an evil, wealthy couple with loyalists ties. While fetching water in the bitter cold, Isabel makes friends with Curzon, a slave with rebel connections. In return for freedom, Curzon encourages Isabel to spy on the Locktons.
When the wicked Madam abruptly sells Ruth, Isabel makes a decision jeopardizing and changing her life forever.

Anderson pens an exciting story balancing history with plot. Watch for the sequel, Forge.
Grades 7-10


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