Saturday, 8 August 2009


Have you exhausted your favorite author and want something new to read? Part of my job as a librarian is to help people find good books. You may be wondering where I get suggestions. Here are a few tips on finding new authors and novels.

Read-alikes are books similar to established authors such as John Grisham, Janet Evanovich and Dean Koontz. Lets use John Grisham as an example.

1. Go to Google and type in "if you like john grisham." Voila, you will receive many websites suggesting books similar to Grisham. Look for websites written by public libraries in the web address. This technique works best with popular authors.

2. Click on the this link On the left hand side of the page, is a list of books sorted by genre. Lets try Historical. Up pops a page with reviewed authors and online resources. Click on Phillipa Gregory. You will receive an author bio, book review and read-alikes. Online resources also offer lots of ideas.

3. Many public libraries also provide reading lists for patrons.

Now curl up with a good book!


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